Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
Hi, Candice:

Altho 'upscale' won't ever describe my style of travel, I have seen some nice places near Cairns. If I'm not staying at my place in Cairns, Crocodylus is one of my faves but you can't even call it an upscale hostel.

I do like Port Douglas as jumping off place for diving on the reef because there are so many smaller boats going out from there. PD is also easy access to the back country for hiking & playing in the fresh rivers & has a good selection of eateries.

It may not be as nice as Silky Oaks, but Treetops in PD is well-located.

On the other side of the Daintree & deeper into the rainforest is Coconut Beach. It is on the beach, but in that lovely area where the rainforest comes right down to the beach.

>From PD, my favorite diveboat is the Calypso, with skipper & divemaster Glenn Langtry. I've been diving with Glenn for about 12 years & can't say enough about his knowledge of the GBR & diving.

Coconut Beach is close to Cape Trib & if they have their act together, there is one dive boat with a license to go from the beach at CT out to the reef. However, in February 03 they were embroiled in a legal tangle & I don't know if they're back in action.

Would you be interested in a very private, special, unique B & B? A friend has turned her home above the beach at Cape Trib into a rainforest retreat, but it is absolutely isolated & if the dive boat isn't going out of CT you'd be a long way from a dive boat.

I can't wait for November when I'm back in Cairns & prowling around all my favorite haunts again. Sigh.

Gail In Eugene & ready for Oz