Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
Hi Candice,

> So I think we'll do it for an overnight. Generally we avoid tour groups, but since this a nature expedition, maybe it's best to do it with a guide who can give us lots of fascinating information.

This is the only guided tour we have ever taken. Have always been a self drive travelers, but this is worth making the exception.

> Of course we'll spend some time in Sydney ...... Have to hit some of our favorite dining spots and check out some new ones.

Give me an idea of the style and price range and I'll offer some advice. Food with a view or for the culinary experience only ? (Marque is the latter and truly excellent)

> We'll do some day trips from there, on our own, to the Blue Mountains.

No you can't do that. I give the best Blue Mountains and Sydney guided tours. Isn't that right Gail????

> After that, we'll fly up to Cairns and drive to the Daintree for 3 nights so Tony can dive the Great Barrier Reef and I can commune with nature in the rainforest.

Despite three or four trips to FNQ over the years, I know nothing compared with Gail, and she's already replied to your questions.

Happy to assist with any planning or booking enquiries here in Sydney.

Cheers, Gavin