Subject: Re: Kangaroo Island
HI Gail,

Great suggestions, thanks!

I've contacted the Radisson in Port Douglas to get an idea of their rates, the price of their tours, etc. It looks very nice, but I'm a bit unenthused. Other than a beach and a gym (i'll use the latter) there's nothing to do if you're not off on a tour. At Silky Oaks, they have free bicycles (& give you a map w/ 3 diff. itineraries), free or very cheap nature walks/bird watching tours, free tennis courts and an injured animal nursery. On the other hand, Port Douglas is near the Radisson and it's a 40 minutes away from Silky Oaks. Once Radisson contacts me, I'll have a better feel of what they offer.

I loved Coconut Beach and was practically ready to book it......UNTIL, I noticed their no air conditioning policy! It's too hot and steamy in the rainforest in January for no a/c. Silky Oaks has no a/c in the public rooms, but the bedrooms have it. I'd go to Coconut Beach at a cooler time of the year though. Looks like a great place!

I'm not the diver, my husband is and I'll pass along your diving suggestions to him. I'm sure he'll appreciate them, again thanks. Thanks for the B& B recommendation, but again, since I'm not a diver, I think it's best that I'm in a place where I can enjoy other things, so I'll pass on that, but I appreciate you sharing the offer.

Up in Port Douglas, have you eaten in Nautilus Restaurant? It's fantastic - all outdoors, under the palms, fabulous food. For great casual food in PD, I love Salsa for lunch or a casual dinner. Fun bar.

The restaurant at Silky Oaks is open to the public and it's terrific food in a beautiful semi-outdoor setting that's perched in the tree's overlooking the river. The gekko's walk the high ceilngs and race each other for mosquito's. Friendly guests have been known to place bets on which gekko will get the mozzie! Additionally, there's a little family - ma,pa & baby - of bandicoots that roam the dining room seeking crumbs and bumping into your lower leg. (they don't see very well) Management encourages diners not to feed them in hopes that they'll go away, but won't chase them away because, we're in *their* home. :-)

One more question: We always fly in and out of Cairns, but have never stayed overnight there. Should we? Are we missing anything special?

Thanks for your suggestions, Gail.

Candice NYC