Subject: Sydney Eats & Blue Mountain Sights
Hi Gavin,

Okay, food, now you're near and dear to my heart..... geez, I just *adore* the food in Sydney!

About food with a view or a culinerary experience only??? Well, we won't have too many nights, so I don't want to waste an evening with a bad meal, so I don't need to go for the view alone. Here are some of the places I've eaten in Sydney, so you can make some suggestions: Tetsuya (twice) Kables (lost it's luster, but we were staying in the hotel) Rockpools - many times. was great, got bad, got good again Wokpools (hated it) Bistro Mars - very good. So I'm a Neil Perry fan. Salt- Fantastic cuisine. Place is too noisy. Harry's Cafe de Wheels - go once every visit for an Aussi fix. Oxford Cafe on Paddington or is it Paddington's on Oxford St? Like it. Darling Street Thai Kiosk on Stanley Beach (or is it Kiosk on Manly Beach?) Jonah's on Whale Beach - very good food, awesome view.

Then, of course, there are the places I can't remember the names of. :-( Many of them down by the waterfront where all the new building is taking place. We have breakfast at a little cafe right in the Rocks, overlooking the Opera house that makes the best oatmeal I've ever had.

We love Mod Oz cuisine and don't need to go to Sydney for spaghetti, souvlaki or sushi. We've got plenty of that here. We like the exciting chef's of Oz who play with ingredients like bug's, 'roo, barramundi, coral trout, tropical fruits, etc. combined with asian, indian and continental spices to create a real fusion. You guys started the fusion revolution and I'm just doing my part to support it. I haven't been to Sydney in 3 years, so I'm sure there's lots of new and great places.

With the favorable US dollar to Aussie Dollar exchange rate, price doesn't matter. Besides, we live in NYC, we're used to sticker shock! Doesn't have to be fancy, but has to be good. Really love Tetsuya's BYOB policy too!

Okay, Mr Blue an itinerary for our visit to the Blue Moutains? We'll be in Hawkesberry for 4 days. Spill the beans...or should I say, the wine!

BTW, now that the Regency is a Four Seasons and the ANA is the Shangri-La, have you heard any reports about them?

Best, Candice NYC