Subject: Re: Cairns sights (was Kangaroo Island)

Gavin's tours of Sydney & environs are not to be missed, nor compared with any garden variety bland boughten tours! If he's kind enough to offer, take him up on it: his passion for his native Sydney is contagious.

I understand about Jan & no air con up in FNQ. It can be a deal breaker! I would have thot Coconut Beach had installed air con, so that's a surprise. Yes, I'm familiar with Nautilus in PD, but can't speak to the details of what Treetops may offer having only been a gawker.

I'm a total sucker for Skyrail just outside of Cairns, the gondola system that floats one above the rainforest to Kuranda (which reminds me of my town, all earnest eco tourism & tie dye). Skimming the top of the canopy one is sure to spot familiar wildlife from a different perspective.

There are several local swimming creeks near Cairns which are unique, marvelous & worth a day's picnic.

Cairns has a stunning little gem of a botancial garden, The Flecker, & nearby are several hiking tracks in an eco-preserve as well as fine birdwatching around Centenary Lakes Park.

And finally, in January when the waterfalls up on the Tablelands are in full run, a day spent on a waterfall circuit drive is awesome.

Thank you, Gavin, for your kind words about my place of passion in Oz, FNQ!