Subject: My "Travel Clothes"
Hi all...

....goes a bit further than Linda's practical suggestion of wearing discardable clothes during your initial journey...

While many of my friends go shopping for new, carefully matched outfits in anticipation of their travels, my take is different:

Actually, over the months/year, I toss into the Travel Box clothes which have 2-4 wearings travel time, somehow I come up with acceptable matches and outfits...then simply give them away or toss them (making room for new purchases...a method to my madness!!). Of course, good clothes are included for any special occasions!

In my various travels, I have been blessed and thanked to the high heavens for the bags of clothes I've given away...most notably in China where an elderly man on the street insisted on taking me into the conclave to meet his wife who so very much appreciated the clothes, whether they be for redoing or use of the material....and again in Tijuana, Mexico where I filled a woman's shopping cart with bags of this day her Gracias, Gracias, Gracias!! echo in my ears!!

Happy Traveling...and Packing!!

Lucille M Gioello, West Hartford, Ct.