Subject: Cairo Museum and cameras (was: Egypt)
Hi Covadonga,

George and I were in Egypt two years ago and we had to declare any cameras you were bringing in. If you don't declare them, and they find one in your pack or bag, they will confiscate it.

A girl in our group had a disposable camera in her backpack she had forgotten she had with her and the guards did take it.

They charge you for still and digital (I think $10 per) and the charge for the video camera was exhorbitant I think it was $30. No flash photography of any kind.

The exibits are marvelous. Don't miss the King Tut exhibit upstairs. It has a separate room with all the artifacts collected from his tomb. Amazing gold casket and jewelry. They guides make sure you dont miss any of the major displays. Enjoy!!

Plan to spend at least a half a day there for a comprehensive tour of the museum. Lunch nearby at one of the hotels facing the Nile.

George says the 400 speed film worked better than the 200 speed and their lighting was pretty good.

Have a great trip. We never made it to Luxor. Let us hear your thoughts when you come back.

Marta & George Tamarac FL