Subject: Re: Next week in Egypt

We were in Egypt March 2000 and had a wonderful time. Spent time in Cairo, toured about the city, wandered about the Pyramids and Sphinx, attended a concert of the Cairo Symphony (mostly Russian musicians!), went to Alexandra for a day and also to the Canal. Flew to Luxor where we embarked and saw the usual Tourist sights - we were two of six English speakers aboard - rest were French and Spanish - and one of us was really Thai. Had our own guides. Spent several days in Aswan, walking around; taken out to the dam and environs; did fly down to Abu Simbel (do that trip without fail: The UN sponsored the move of these huge marvelous statues so they would be safe from the rising waters as a result of the new dam.)

We particularly liked: The American University at Cairo, our so called 3* Aswan hotel where we were the only Westerners, the neighborhood near our Cairo hotel (a combination of modern embassies and Eyptian village life), and our boat ride around the small Islands below Aswan enroute to the Nubian Village. Oh yes, and Kom Ombo; one of the stops on the cruise.

We were very impressed, maybe overwhelmed, by all the antiquities. I could go on and on. If anyone is interested, can send material from the the trip prepared shortly thereafter.

Our trip was arranged by Salah Mohammed Abdel Hafiez, recommended by Rough Guide, Lets Go and Lonely Planet tourbooks. We went budget class but he can upgrade. Website: Email: samo@i... It was an individual tour for the two of us . Total cost for two weeks for everything (including the catsitter) was $5000.

Good luck on your expedition!

Jo in Sunnyvale