Subject: Re: Egypt
Hello Cova and others

My Egypt memories are still alive, even after almost two decades, so here's what I can say about it: The Khan El Khalili bazar is the largest market in Cairo. It is divided into lots according to different wares, i.e. jewelleries, spices, leather goods etc. It used to be a very safe place (but beware of pickpockets, of course) and the sellers were able to keep their hassle to the minimum: lots of smiles, invitations to visit the shops and if you go in, a soft drink or tea is usually offered. The prices were incredibly low for common goods. The bazar will probably be a stop of your guided tour: if not, any taxi driver can take you there. The rest of Cairo, except for the Mosques and the Pyramids, is better seen from inside the car than walking, because of the mad traffic and large crowds.

I remember the Museum at Cairo charging for pictures, plus a poor lighting and a lot of glass surfaces between you and the artifacts, so I won't bet my money about getting nice shots. You can freely shoot pictures at any archeological site too.

The Nile cruise will be the top of your trip: nothing better than sit on the deck, sipping karkade tea and watching the scenery go along. You'll feel like Poirot in the Agatha Christie's novel (or movie)! The trip to Abu Simbel is expensive but worthy: it's one of the place in the world you want to see. Go for an early morning, or better a late afternoon, trip to enjoy the rich colours of the statues over the water.

Aswan was very little developed when I was there, with poor ugly suburbs of angry people and a tiny market; the classic excursion is a small sailboat trip around the isles. Luxor is impressive but a real tourist trap; you better stick to the archeological sites to avoid being hassled by countless people offering any kind of goods and services you don't need.


Paolo Trieste, Italy