Subject: Driver From Vienna to Prague
Hi Sylvie,

The driver who was supposed to take us from Vienna to Prague and back again was recommended to me by Carol Jacobson (another Ziner).

His name is Michael Jakubuv and he has a website: which lists his rates and the tours he does. He is located in Prague but is willing to drive to Vienna, meet his passengers at the airport and take them to their hotel in Prague. You can either book one way or return with him. His rate turned out to be only $10 Cdn. more than what it would have cost my husband and me to take the train to Prague from Vienna and if you factor in that you don't have to spend money for cabs or bus fare to the train station and from the train station to your hotel it's actually cheaper to do this and also take an hour less than the train. I only wish that we could find a similar service going from Vienna to Budapest.

You can also email him. I've had several email conversations with him and he seems like a very fine responsible person.