Subject: Re: Romania, Serbia, Croatia
Hello Art

I visited Serbia several times shortly before the war in Croatia in 1991. The main issue of getting around there is you always have to go through Belgrade, as it's the hub of the road system. Being the area between Belgrade and the Adriatic coast full of mountain ranges, there isn't anything resembling a Western Europe motorway, just endless kms of winding roads, some of them still unpaved. The situation wasn't good before the war, considering time and distance, and I guess the conflict made things only worse. You should also check about security issues, as former Yugoslav Federation - now Serbia and Montenegro, has some crime problems (Romania too, from what I've heard). Once on the Adriatic Coast in Croatia (Dubrovnik) the roads aren't that much better but you are in a tourist environment and perfectly safe except for some crazy driver. The islands are connected by several ferry lines (Jadrolinija is the main company) and you can even take the ferry ride north to Rijeka and avoid the hassle of the coastal main road. Bye

Paolo Trieste, Italy