Subject: scary / stupid
Dear 'Ziners, Don't know whether this counts as scary, stupid or both ;-) A couple of years ago, after I'd been doing a fair bit of travelling, I decided to catch up with a couple of mates Down Under in NZ/Aus and Down Over in Hong Kong. Decided to do the dutiful son thing and organise meeting the family as well (scattered at opposite ends of Australia and/or on a RTW trip). It all got a bit complex, what with weddings to get to, moving houses and the fact that I was just going to rock up to places for a few days & see what occurred. And that I couldn't't be bothered sorting my own trip out more than a week in advance##.hey, what are credit cards & pc's for?? Like a clever person I got a new passport too # nice 'photo, shiny, respectable and 10 years left.

Anyway, after a couple of days in NYork, LAngeles/ LVegas and Auckland and upcountry country NZ, I flew out of Wellington bound for Sydney - secure (and slightly smug, to be honest) in the knowledge that my shiny, plastic, holographic Australian business visa was valid for a few more years and tucked safely in my wallet###..unfortunately, the passport I'd got it issued with was tucked safely in my scrapbook 12,000 miles away#..hmmm, 'interesting', embarrassing and my Mum would never forgive me. In about half an hour I'd find out if I was going to be bounced back home in some kind of bizarre reverse Transportation.

I 'fessed up to the immigration officer, who seemed faintly amused when he said Nah, mate # she'll be right. [sfx: wry smile] Probably#. 10 minutes later I was through, attempting to wipe the sweat from my brow # the (next to) last thing I needed was to get my collar felt by the Customs & Excise##phew. Blasť, moi? Oy yoy yoy!

Moral of the story? Pick one!

Travel clever, 'Ziners! Stewart, London