Subject: Re: "been there, done that, not going back!#
Hi Cynthia,

You wrote: I would have to say that my been there, done that, not going back place is Bangkok, Thailand.

For us, Bangkok was the highlight of our travelling. We talked a lot to the people, many of who speak English and chat readily,and who are the kindest and most helpful we encountered anywhere. We think we got a good understanding of their culture, and we have great admiration for it.

I feel very sorry that it wasnīt explained to CMGoldberg that the reason the Palace, and indeed all other temples are so luxurious is that people voluntarily give a healthy part of their income to the adornment of their Buddhist temples. They live modestly by choice, but are not hungry, and take good care of their children.

The religion is not Rama, but Buddhism. Rama is the name they give to their kings. The current king and his wife are very well respected, and use their time and position to do good deeds for the Thai people. By the way, they donīt live in the Palace, which is a compound that includes several temples and a palace, used only for State occasions.

Please, go back and talk to the Thai people, and enjoy their magnificent art and culture.

Regards, Gerry