Subject: Re: Trip to Italy - Cinque Terre / Venice/ Florence
Hi Maria Regarding trains, you should be aware that the train that travels throughout Cinque Terre is a local commuter from La Spezia. The total travelling time from village 1 to village 5 is about 20 minutes, with stops. It's really a short distance. You can buy a day or multi-day pass when you arrive in any of the Cinque Terre towns and get on and off at will. Beware, the train is too long for one of the stations (I think it was Manarola but I'm sure a Ziner can verify this) so we sat in the tunnel for a few seconds before we realized we were at the station, quickly jumped off and walked the 100 metres through the tunnel into daylight. This would never be permitted in North America - but hey this is Euorpe.

As for advance buying of tickets, it all depends on your comfort level with uncertainty. We always buy on-site. With advance apologies to our Italian Ziners, remember this is Italy where strikes do happen and sometimes the trains don't run for a day or so. That too, is part of the experience of travel. So you're stuck in a town for an extra day? Relax and enjoy. Lucy in Toronto