Subject: Como to airport transportation
Hi Ira and Ziners,

Ira, as usual you give precise and good advice about Italy, anyway I would just clarify 2 points from your message in the Trip to Italy - Cinque Terre/Venice/Florence thread.

1- Yes, in Italy you can buy train tickets or book a seat in travel agencies without any extra charge, just at the same rate than in a train station. It could be a good deal to skip line at the train station and don't risk to lose your train.

2- from Como to Malpensa airport, even though the bus option is easier and cheaper, there is an other pretty quick option to get to the airport from Como: you can catch a train from Como to Saronno (30-40 min) and there get on the Malpensa express running no stop to the airport. Be aware that the train from Como to Saronno is runned by Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) regional company and not from Trenitalia nat. rail company. The FNM station in Como is in the downtown just by the lake, along the lake bank. Trains to Saronno run every half an hour or any hour depending on the time of day.

To get train table, go to and click on Milano - Saronno - Como A/R pdf file.

Hope this clarification could be useful (also for you, Ira, to save 60$ for the cab when the bus is not time convenient :-)

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy