Subject: Most expensive and least expensive cities
Hello economy-minded Travelziners,

Last week I read an article in our local paper about a recent list of most expensive and least expensive cities as determined by the Swiss bank UBS. According to UBS, Oslo has now surpassed Tokyo as the most expensive city in the world. Tokyo has actually dropped to third behind Hong Kong with New York at #4. The remainder of the top ten are Zurich, Switzerland; Copenhagen, Denmark; London; Basel, Switzerland; Chicago; and Geneva.

The least expensive city was Buenos Aires followed by Mumbai, India (Bombay).

So, those of us who have been extolling the virtues of the Argentinian capital can offer a little bit more evidence as to why it should be high on everyone's list of next vacations. How about it Travelziners? What do you say we do our part to help out the Argentinian economy?

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John in San Diego checking airfares to Buenos Aires