Subject: Re: Switzerland - Locarno
Hi Cornelia and Pat,

Many thanks for the hotel suggestions. We really enjoyed reading about your enchanted month. I have loved the movie Enchanted April.

Anyway we have reservations at the Hotel du Lac for Sept 21 and 22. I think that the location will be very good as we want to walk along the lake and also ride the funiculare (sp) to the Madonna del Sasso.

Cornelia, could you please recommend a few places to eat. I would especially like to eat in a typical Ticino grotto and would very much like to eat some of the local specialties. I was reading about a grotto on the mountainside of Monte de Comino. It was called Al Riposa de Comino. Are you familiar with this area and this restaurant?

We would so much enjoy meeting you at a GTG---perhaps a drink or whatever your schedule will allow.

Thanks again,

Mary in California