Subject: Re: If you had only 1 more trip...

If I could only take one more trip, I think I would throw my hiking boots and golf clubs in my trunk for one big tour of the Western US and Canada. I would start from LA driving north and hit as many national parks and other scenic areas as I could.

I would go through northern California, Oregon and Washington and then over to Idaho, up to eastern British Columbia and western Alberta, then down to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. Highlights would be - every place! While I love the history, energy, diversity and vibrancy of the great cities, my most vivid travel memories are being outdoors somewhere. Ok, maybe I will not eat the best food on the planet on this tour. But perhaps while up at 10,000 or 12,000 feet, I can lobby the Powers That Be for some favorable consideration in my next life.

Since this trip only works when the snow has melted, I figure that it will take me about 30 or 40 years to complete it. Sounds about right :-)

Mark Los Angeles