Subject: Re: If you had only 1 more trip...
Hello Gail and Ziners,

Whew, Gail you got me choked up on that one (eyes blinking back tears now). Having HAD (past tense for 23 years now!) cancer four times in four different places, your email really hit home!

I'm blessed to have shifted from the mindset of asking what would be my last trip due to cancer to now asking what would be my last (free) trip as an airline employee (ha ha). Fortunately the culture and mindset at Continental is that we will do whatever it takes to survive, but 'cha never know.

My trip would be Australia. Not counting Antarctica, it's the only continent I've not yet been to. Next year I'm CELEBRATING my 40th b-day by taking a long, thorough trip there. Gail, I'll definitely be pickin' yer brain for that one, after I've first checked all archived posts of course 8^)

Happy contrails, Gregory in (soaked) Houston