Subject: Re: Help with London to Scotland then back to Paris.
Hi Jim,

Yes, your plan is doable. Take the train from Euston Station in London (we took the night train and had a cabin, but the trip would be good by day...somewhat expensive, but easier than driving all the way.)

Eilean Donan, on Loch Duich, is out in the country (no town or anything, just a parking area), so I would think hiring a car would be best. You could do that in Fort William, or even down in Glasgow. Driving in Scotland is no problem. You get used to driving on the left in no time at all, and what look to be major highways on the map turn out to be two-land roads (or one-lane with turn-outs for letting oncoming cars go by). Even in mid-August, we found very little traffic in Scotland. Our original plan had been to drive all the way around the outside of Scotland, and we did get all the way up the west coast and across the top as far as Tong, but decided to cut straight down to Inverness, rather than going all the way across the top to the East Coast.

I don't know about the train schedules, but surely if you included the sleeper car from Glasgow to London as one leg of the journey, and then changed to the Chunnel train in London, that would work out in one 24-hour period.

Cheers, Pat Orinda, CA