Subject: Re: Peanut butter - Miracle Whip
Hi Mike and Fran, I wondered if your post was a joke! I don't think that it is an exaggeration to say that Paris is the food capitol of the world. Everything there tastes and looks wonderful, even hot dogs on the street in wonderful French bread are better than almost anywhere except maybe New York and Chicago. Certainly with all the new and wonderful taste experiences there, you will not want to waste your calories on peanut butter and jelly and bologna with Miracle Whip! French jams are wonderful and taste great by themselves on crusty, fresh French bread. (Save your pbj for Wonder bread when you get home.) Go to Fauchon and you will see gorgeous things that are almost too pretty to eat. Just walking down the streets in Paris you will be treated to wonderful bakeries, delis with wonderful meats, cheeses, etc, green grocers with fruit that taste and look wonderful. Food is what Paris is about. If you insist on PB and Miracle whip while you are there, bring small jars from home. In any case, have a wonderful time in Paris, and enjoy eating there.

Michele Missner Appleton, Wi