Subject: Re: Peanut butter - Miracle Whip
Hey Ziners:

My question on Peter Pan Penut Butter and Kraft Miracle Whip was not a slam on French foods. I already love the Croquet Messieur and Panni Venice for sandwiches and lots of other French food as well. My question is more of a long term thing. I am moving to Paris in a few weeks and I know that from time to time, I would like to make one of these sandwiches in my apartment. I just wanted to know if I will be able to buy them someplace in Paris. Carrying it with me on the plane is a short term solution.

As for Kraft Miracle Whip, I don't really compare this to mayonaise (which is very bland to me) as Miracle Whip has a tangy flavor. I don't like regular mayonase.

I know this is a wierd topic but just consider it as one of those things where a person wants a bit of home every once in a while.

Thanks for helping.

Mike and Fran