Subject: Re: Internet Access
Hello Ziners:

Thank you for some of the suggestions. As I said earlier, I have a Comcast cable account while Earthlink maintains my domain. The former does not have a dial in capability (although they tell me they will have it eventually) and in order to to dial into Earthlink you need an account there (not just domain hosting). Where we will be in Scotland for the next couple of weeks there are no published WiFi spots and I suspect that cybercafes will be few. However there are telephone lines, so the problem is how to connect to the Internet.

As it turns out there are some services which will allow you to connect to the Internet via dial up pretty much anywhere and they will charge you by the second or minute. The world-wide roaming company is Iberpass which for me seemed ideal, but their web page indicates only ISDN access from the UK. They list a 24/7/365 customer support number which I believes connects the caller to somewhere in Spain. Well I called the customer support number several times and no one answered. Kiss that service goodbye for the time being.

The good news is that in the UK there are several free Internet access providers which provide dial up access at local telephone rates. You pay only for a local call when you dial into their service. So I signed up for a UK Fantastic account which will provide free access to the Internet anywhere in the UK. Problem solved.

Tom in Carlisle still packing.