Subject: Expensive Photo Equipment - how safe? (Venice, etc)
Hi Ziners,

Well, Yes, I am the one married to the guy who loves to take pictures. I am concerned about his camera bag (over the shoulder, it looks like a small carry-on bag - not your typical small camera bag). In addition to the camera he has his expensive lenses, filters, etc. Please, don't suggest a small digital camera, he would kill me! I thought that a backpack camera bag would be safer. He's not crazy about this idea. What do you guys think? Is it safe to go around w/ his camera bag? Or is that just an invitation to trouble? Are we just advertising: Hey, we are tourist...Well, maybe there is no way that we wouldn't look like tourists.

Just to remind you, we are going to Venice, Florence/Sienna, Cinque Terre. Believe it or not,he takes this bag even when we go hiking. He doesn't care that it is heavy. We look for spectacular scenes (we can't wait for Cinque Terre) & then have lots of fun taking pictues!!! I guess for him, he travels so he can take pictures... I love the food, he loves the pictures.

Thanks again Maria Los Angeles, CA (Redondo Beach)