Subject: Re: Film
Hi, Ziners:

I got tired of all the tension about film: would they xray it, would they crank up the power if I used a lead-lined bag, should I put it in checked luggage (course, I never do check luggage) & so on. Who needs more tension when beginning a trip?

So, I carry only a couple of rolls of film with me. Upon arrival, if it's a back-of-beyond ultimate location, I purchase film in the duty free shop at the airport; if a more normal destination, I purchase the film I need before leaving a metro center. Is it more expensive? Maybe, but not by much anymore! Is the film of good quality? Absolutely. I also get it developed at some point before returning, tho depending on where & when, perhaps getting only negatives, no prints.

I had some film badly & permanently damaged in a carry-on xray machine about 5 years ago & have adopted my new stressless method in response.

And there have been times when I've purchased a disposable one-use camera onsite as well, when I don't want to be bothered with keeping track of an expensive camera & fancy film. An example: volunteering at the Ironman competetion in Hawaii a couple of years ago, I was literally on my feet & running from bike racking, to swim transition, to bike transition to finish line & was awake for about 30 hours. Did I want to have a favorite camera at risk? Nope.

Gail Restless in Eugene