Subject: One more sleep!
Hi everyone!

I've been really quiet of late--busy getting ready for our big trip. Have cleaned off my desk (both at work and at home) and was all packed as of last night--except for the smoked salmon. That will be a last-minute item.

After reading everything on the film thread, I've just gone and removed all my rolls from our suitcase and have transferred them to one of our carry-on bags. No sense taking any chances...

I still find it hard to believe that I will be in the Netherlands in a few days. We leave tomorrow at 6:00 pm and overnight in Vancouver with one of our daughters. Then our Air Transat flight leaves at 3:00 pm on Wednesday. We have booked Club Class and I was happy to hear that a number of you have had good experiences flying this way. Hans is 6'6 tall and I am what you would call a round person--so we need the extra seat width plus the extra leg room. Besides, I figure that after 30 years married, we have earned a bit of a splurge. I've travelled cattle class often enough! lol

So, I will be going no-mail after tomorrow but will let you all know when I am back (October 17th). Thanks again for your help, encouragement, suggestions and travel tips!

Brenda in Smithers