Subject: UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Hi Ziners,

I have a colleague who aspires to visit all of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. I was looking at the list to see which I had seen - not many, it seems.

I have seen the Grand-Place in Brussels - with a sound and light show, no less! We wandered back to the Place just as darkness was falling and the square was filled with music and people. It was amazing to see the choreographed lighting illuminate the insides of towers and silhouette others.

Dusk is magical too in the historic centre of Brugge (aka Bruges). Actually it is pretty wonderful anytime!

If you go to the Gaspe in Quebec, be sure to go to Miguasha for fossil hunting. One of my children actually found a fish fossil - they had staff and a microscope to assess any find. This area is, according to the website, an outstanding area for Devonian area fossils.

In Cuba we visited the old city of Trinidad. Some of the old grand homes of sugar plantation owners have been renovated and opened to the public. The town is very atmospheric, a little dilapidated but friendly.

Where would I like to visit? Petra in Jordan, the megalithic temples in Malta (that I might achieve!), some places in Spain and Portugal (perhaps Cordoba, Toledo, Evora) and Istanbul. Gosh, it's hard to pick just a few!

What about you?

Frances Toronto, Canada