Subject: Re: Photographic film
Hi Felice. In my opinion it's safer in your carry on, the radiation level is much higher for checked luggage. If possible ask for a hand inspection so it doesn't have to go through the machine at all. Most places will oblige, make it easy, have the film out of the box and in clear containers in a plastic bag. Most machines are film safe for film up to 800asa. I have never had a film ruined by just a few trips through the machine but because I often take many flights on a vacation and because some museums etc. are using X ray now, I always try the hand check first. By the way the there is a 'hung jury' on those lead lined bags. If you use one in your checked baggage, the X-ray operator may bump up the dosage until he can see what's in there. If you think about it, they can't allow big 'black' areas to pass through without investigation. Or can they?

Regards Sue