Subject: Re: Dandenong or Yarra Ranges National Park
Hi John

I would recommend the Dandenongs with the caveat that I haven't been to the Yarra Ranges. The trees in the Dandenongs were magnificent, there were some lovely gardens and there was also Puffing Billy which was great fun and took us through some lovely bits of forest. Here is a link to Puffing Billy which wil also give you more info on the area:

The Dandenongs are better known for the trees than the Yarra Ranges.

As to your left-handed shifting skills, in Australia you will usually be supplied with an automatic rental car but you may wish to specify. However, my husband coped almost magnificently with the other side of the road in France and in a manual with - I forget all the derogotaory comments- but a less than satisfactory gear box; I don't think it was just because he was using his right hand. There was only one awful moment and it happened in Le Mans - so embarrassing - reverse instead of 2nd ... fist waving from behind, tooting ... it was all the fault of my map reading apparently.

Regards Anne Canberra