Subject: Re: Travel clothes and hotels in Florence and Rome
HI Abby,

You'll be in Italy just in time for all the new fall clothing, so why not plan on buying a lot of them there? You'll be able to find great buys on leather jackets - just perfect for the fall - as well as fashionable sportswear items like pants, skirts and tops. Italy is shoe heaven, whether you're looking for sexy high heels or rubber soled walking shoes. I've seen Prada's fall collection in the stores here and it's fantastic for high and flat heels as well as some great looking boots. Of course, there are many brands both famous and not, all with that great italian workmanship and design. It's also a great time and place to pick up fabulous accessories for yourself and for Xmas gifts - gloves, scarves, belts, etc.

Italians are very stylish, whether they're dressed up or casual. If you want to blend, you'll stay away from the catalog clothing like Eddie Bauer, Lands End....i.e. baggie pants w/ elastic waists, polo shirts, white sneakers, fanny bags, hooded windbreakers. Those kinds of clothes all scream I'm an American Tourist. The choice is yours.

For hotels, in Florence, I love the Principe, which is in a great location right on the Arno River. It's a small, charming hotel. I'm sure they have a website if you do a search. In Rome, we stayed at the Excelsior on the Via Veneta. It was spectacular if you like the big 5 star hotels. Our room was so beautiful we didn't want to leave it every morning.

Candice NYC