Subject: France - beginning to plan
Good morning travelers.

I know that this is a very broad question, but here goes.

I am planning a trip, that I hope to take, to France in late October or November. It will be for 10 to 14 days. My wife and I have been to Paris and while I might include a few days there, my thoughts are to visit a region of France.

I will be buying various books on travel in France to help narrow down the candidates, but I was looking for some recommendations to get me started (not on the books, but places). For example, suggesting Tuscany as a region for a first visitor to Italy is easy. Is there such a suggestion for France? I would like to stay in a charming and small town as a base and then be able to explore an area, probably by car.

I have read Don's & Linda's Travelogues, but they just want me to go everywhere! I need to narrow down my choices.

Thanks for your participation in my search.

Mark Schwartzman