Subject: Re: Free is Good
Thank you Don and Linda! If you are going to be in Europe when this sale takes place, get there now and book. The sale just saved me a fortune in time and money over taking a train from London to Glasgow and then from Glasgow to Paris.

The train was going to take 5 hours from London to Glasgow and cost in excess of $100 each. We got two tickets from London to Glasgow on this sale ( for $40 for both. NOT EACH! WOW. Our flight takes 1 hour instead of 5 on the train.

Then we were going to go by train from Edinburgh to London and on to Paris on the Chunnel train and it would cost well in excess of $500 for two. We bought tickets direct from Glasgow to Paris for less than $50 each. Incredible. Instead of an entire day spent on trains, 2 hours in the air.

Again, another reason why it really pays to be a Travelziner!

Jim & Kathleen in Redmond, WA