Subject: Re: Free is Good (Ryanair)
Hi, potential Ryanair customers...

When looking at Ryanair's cheap or free fares (which don't include taxes and fees) keep in mind that there are additional expenses and inconveniences when flying Ryanair. Many of Ryanair's airports are only by a stretch of the imagination designated by their nominal destination. Recently Ryanair was taken to court in Germany for calling its airport at Hahn, Frankfurt-Hahn. Hahn airport is a former British RAF base quite a ways from Frankfurt; the courts allowed Ryanair to keep the designation so long as it was very clear how far away it was.

Last year we flew into Stockholm, which Ryanair refers to as Stockhom-Svasta. The terminal is pretty much a large barn or recycled hangar with virtually no facilities (it was the first time in many a year I have gotten off a jetliner using rollaway stars and walking across the tarmac). It was rather like landing at a local airport used by private pilots, except they usually have a restaurant.Transport into Stockholm was on a very crowded shuttle bus that took almost 1.5 hours. We did know ahead of time what we were getting into, but finally we found ourselves resenting the lost time in transport more than the cost of the shuttle.

Ryanair's London airport is at Stansted, which is not all that convenient. There is an express train from Liverpool Street Station to the airport at a cost of UKP13. But, then, none of London's principle airports is all that cheap and convenient unless you take the Underground to Heathrow. Which we usually do.

In other words, with Ryanair remember the old saw, you get what you pay for.

Regards, DAVE HATUNEN Tucson Arizona