Subject: Reservation Agencies
Greetings to Ziners,

I wanted to give a warning to those who might use various agencies to make reservations at places such as museums. I used an internet agency to make a reservation at the Uffizi this summer. Unfortuneatly, the staff went on strike the afternoon we were to visit the museum. I ended up buying tickets for another day. Upon returning home I e-mailed the agency and asked for a refund since the the Uffizi was unable to honor my reservation. That was two months ago and I have yet to see the credit to my account. When I e-mail the agency they tell me to talk to my bank. My bank says they have not recieved any notice of a credit. Thank goodness this was only museum tickets and not something more expensive. Next time I will contact the Uffizi in person. Had I done so, they would have honored my payment when I got the new tickets.

Paul Near Seattle