Subject: Re: Ever Feel Like An Unpaid Travel Agent?
Greetings Chris and Ziners,

There have been a few times when I have been a little irritated by my status of Unpaid Travel Agent. At one point, I tried to set up a little side business of travel consulting, charging very minimal fees for trip planning and making reservations, but no one paid me! They loved their trips, raved about the hotels and restaurants, but somehow forgot that I was in business. That was quite the worst of my unpaid TA experiences.

I still make lots of travel arrangements for others, especially family members, but I try very hard not to do it for folks who don't honor my efforts. You know the type: people who won't return a favor when they can, or are never generous with their own time and efforts.

A final thought: I often make travel arrangements for my brother, or teach him about various discount booking websites such as I had to call his office one day and give some notes on arrangements I had made for him to one of his associates, because he was out. This young lady took the message, and said, Wow, it must be nice. I wish my brother would make travel arrangements for me.

After I stopped laughing hysterically, I reminded her that I was a sister making arrangements for her brother, not vice versa, and she needn't feel jealous. My brother would not make travel arrangements for me. In fact, no one ever does. I can't even get my husband to cancel a dinner reservation. They all say the same thing: But you're so much better at it than I am.

It's nice to know that your talents are appreciated, I guess.

Debbie in Pittsburgh, back from Paris and NYC