Subject: The unofficial French city of...
Hi Diana and Ziners,

It sure was sweet of you to compile all that info re: Quebec City - and I'm glad you did. My wife and I have enjoyed Paris and New Orleans and we want to take a special, separate trip to Canada to what would be considered the most French-like city in Canada. I would appreciate all Ziner's opinion regarding two questions:

Do you think Quebec City would be considered, by most, to be the most French-like?

What other countries have an un-official French-like city?

Your answers are going to determine where my wife and I travel so we really appreciate your input! We promise to post the results! 8^)


Gregory in Houston (hopefully we've now seen the last of the 90 degree weather!)

Disclaimer - I'm NOT interested in Canada (or any other country for that matter) solely on how French it is. I've traveled extensively throughout B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan (I even know how to spell it! 8^) I just need to now make my way further East.