Subject: Quebec City hotels (was: Honeymoon in Canada)
Hi Gayle,

Le Chateau Frontenac certainly is a beautiful building in a wonderful location. A river view would be wonderful, I would think. Prices are cheaper in late October so you might be able to get what you want.

Just checked October 27 through October 30 and Expedia has a special rate - $115.80 USD for a moderate room for the Chateau Frontenac (smaller, no view). For a Fairmont room (standard), it is $144.93) has deluxe with view of old city architecture (does that mean rooftops?!) for $182USD and some cheaper. Orbitz price for the same is $173.67 USD.

Travelocity has rooms there for $147.52 USD (no description of location).

The hotel site itself the price is the same as Cheaptickets for the city view. For $219 USD you get a majestic river view. BTW, I used to convert the currency. Use the Virtual Concierge to check prices.

Frances Toronto, Canada

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