Subject: Southern Australia was: Fairy Penguins
Hi Candice,

In answer to your various questions:

No, we don't plan on driving the Great Ocean Road at night. However, we may choose to stay near the Twelve Apostles (Port Campbell) and make our way back specifically for the penguin parade. But, for the most part, I'm sure we'll be finished with our driving long before sunset. Which brings to mind a question. I note that the latitude is between 35 and 40 South latitude. This is approximately the same distance from the equator as San Francisco. Given the fact that we'll be traveling in late November I'm curious as to what time the sun will be setting. Around 8:00 p.m., perhaps?

As for Tasmania, we fly into Launceston and fly out of Hobart four days later. My initial plan was to head towards the west and Queenstown for a peek at Cradle Mountain area. But I'm also intrigued by the Tasman Peninsula, Freycinet National Park, and Asbestos Range National Park. Also, further south a surfing spot called Shipstern's Bluff has recently been touted as the Southern Hemisphere's largest wave. It's located way out on the Tasman Peninsula past Port Arthur.. So, as usual, too many choices which will have to be whittled down in the next few weeks. I thought I was doing real well by limiting our first trip to Australia to Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Oh well, this will probably be the first of several trips to Oz.

In regards to your warning on carrying foods between Aussie states. Does this include processed packaged foods? We often gather interesting foodstuffs along the way to bring back home. On this trip we'll be leaving from Tasmania, making a connection in Melbourne and flying straight on back to the States. I sure hope that doesn't mean we have to buy all our Lamington cookies in the Melbourne Airport.

I'm looking forward to being your point man and doing reconnaissance for your trip to follow mine.

John in San Diego