Subject: Beauvais Airport
Hello Ziners,

I jumped on the Ryanair sale yesterday without waiting for the posts about small airports. Being an avid Southwest flyer in the USA I have no problem with going into small or alternate airports. The money I save flying into Oakland or San Jose to get to San Francisco is very worth the time it takes to get into the city.

But after buying tickets yesterday on Ryanair from Glasgow (which seems to have only one airport--correct me if I am wrong) to Paris I find we are flying into a Beauvais Aeroport.

Has anyone in the group flown into Beauvais? If so, how far is it to Paris? From my research I have found their is a shuttle bus to Point De Vente(?) for 10 euro which is not a bad deal.

I don't feel too stuck if this place is in the middle of nowhere and we skip the flight and take the train since I only paid 9 pounds for the flights. You read that right. I can afford to lose that. But I have to believe if Beauvais is even in the vicinity of Paris, it will be a lot better than taking a train from Edinburgh to London and then the Chunnel train, time wise.

Thanks much in advance for any info you can give me.

Jim in Redmond, WA