Subject: Re: Sydney Hotel
Hi Josie,

Many thanks for the great information!

Yes, I was getting quotes of $AUD670. for the Observatory, but $AUD295. would be within our budget with the exchange rate. Thanks for that website.

However, you mentioned that the views are not as spectacular as the other big hotels in the Rocks. That's very disappointing. Also, you said that the location is not as convenient. Could you be a bit more specific about that? That could be a deal breaker for us.

We've stayed at the InterContinental, and while it was okay, it didn't knock my socks off in terms of room, service or location. We've also stayed at the Sheraton on the Park which was a great hotel, but not as close to the Rocks as we prefer to be.

We usually stay at the Regent and I have a feeling we'll wind up back there again. We just love that place and now that it's a Four Seasons, I'm sure it's just as good. I'm realy curious as to how the new Shangri-La is, but I can't find anyone with a review of it and I'm not willing to be a guinea pig.

No I had never heard of Aria restaurant. Thanks for the recommendation. Is it Mod Oz cuisine? Have you been to Tetsuya? That's a don't miss!

I guess by January, Wallaby Island will be Kangaroo Island again!

Thanks, Candice NYC