Subject: Re: Southern Australia was: Fairy Penguins
Hi John,

Your Lamington's are safe! Not to worry! I'm sorry, I wasn't clear in my post. You can bring baked goods from state to state and of course wine, but you can't bring any raw fruit, meat or fish. I'm not sure about cheese. When you arrive at your first stop in Australia, you might want to ask at a Customer service desk so you have the info for the entire trip. There's a lot of great food in Tasmania including exotic stuff like emu, which is really delicious. You might be able to find it vacuum packed, which should be no problems in customs. Melbourne is a great airport and has a lot of good shopping, so any gifts you forgot to buy can probably be found there. They even have an RM Williams shop there, if you want a pair of their famous boots. I have two pairs, from 2 different trips, and I just love them. They get better with age.

Okay, glad to hear you're not driving the Great Ocean Road at night! A stop in Port Campbell is a good idea. I'm sorry we didn't plan it that way. We drove the road in January, so I don't know what time the sun sets in November. I'm sure there's a website that could show that. Keep in mind that the road will be darker earlier than the sunset due to the abundance of tall tree's that shadow the road.

I haven't been to many of the places in Tazzie you're planning on visiting, but don't miss the prison in Port Arthur. Which hotel or B& B in Hobart will you stay in? There's a nice restaurant on the waters (Muirs?) that's very nice.

> I'm looking forward to being your point man and
> doing reconnaissance for your trip to follow mine.

I am too!!!! ;-> MANY Thanks! Candice in rainy NYC