Subject: Re: Southern Australia sunset & customs bans
Hi John - you asked: I'm curious as to what time the sun will be setting. Around 8:00 p.m., perhaps?

This link might help:

Around 8pm is a good estimate.

We have daylight saving in Australia which means the sun sets an hour later in summer than you might have otherwise thought in spite of many protests about fading curtains and upset cows.

You also sought info on bans on carrying foods within Australia. The main bans apply to fresh fruit in order to prevent the spread of fruit fly. There is also a ban on carrying honey or related products to Kangaroo Island as they are free there of a particular disease and have bees that they export around the world because of their disease free status. All bans will be clearly marked when you move between states. You can carry lamingtons and vegemite with you throughout Australia.

There are also significant bans on bringing food, animal and vegetable products into Australia. These bans do include processed packaged foods.

More info at:

Those of you travelling to Australia might be interested ion the Tourist Refund Scheme were you can get the Goods & Services Tax back on large purchases (> $300 AUD totalled on one invoice) but these purchases have to be carried out as hand luggage. Click on Tourist Refund Scheme at the above web site.

Regards Anne in Canberra Australia