Subject: Quebec city vs Montreal
Hi Ziners,

Definitely Quebec city is more romantic than Montreal. Small is beautiful as we say. People of Montreal say that Quebec is a big village. In Quebec city there are a lot of gardens, parks, small places where it is possible to seat and just watch... It is pleasant to wander in small streets and discover a hidden pearl: an old house dating from French regime. But Quebec is not only French: don't forget that it was a British military city from 1759 to 1870.So streets have also English names: McMahon, Moncton, Murray,etc.

And some people with English names like McGee, Carmi- chael, Johnson,etc. speak only french. (Also some Hawey...)

There is no problem for visitors just speaking english: you will always find people just wanting to help for the best.

In Quebec city we have an upper town and a downtown, and a lot of stairways to walk.

The St-Lawrence river is always beside, not too far.

We are always ready to answer to any questions on our city and available to share moments and visit with Ziners.

Welcome to Quebec (bienvenue à Québec !)

Marc Hawey Cécile Gareau Quebec city

P.S. A suggestion for a romantic hotel: Auberge St-Antoine Expensive, but for an honeymoon, sky is the limit?