Subject: Quebec City
Hi Gayle

With your interests and for a honeymoon, choose Quebec City. It offers what you want. Depending on your timeline, you could go up through Vermont and the Eastern Townships of Quebec (Hwy 91) to Magog and Sherbrooke, spending a day or so exploring before going on to Quebec City.

Pat suggested staying somewhere other than the Chateau Frontenac because it is pricey without great rooms. One point - you can't see the Chateau while you are in it! You could stay elsewhere and get the view. I don't go to bars either, but the bar on the 2nd floor of Chateau Frontenac is very nice - great view of the river, very civilized. You get the grand hotel experience!

We liked the area around Jardin des Gouverneurs close to the Chateau. Another possibility is in the lower town. Lots of smaller hotels with character and romance, renovated townhouses.

There are some restaurants and hotels in TheTraveline archive from last year. Search the archives for this phrase: Quebec City in October. Click on Next to find last year's messages.

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