Subject: Re: Two weeks in France
Hi Hank and Wellsie Wow, this is a tall order. Two weeks in this large country. Do you have preferences such as weather, types of sites you'd like to see, an interest in wine country? The TGV (high speed train) will take you north to Lille and you can explore Normandy and Brittany. If you prefer to be in southern France, you could take the train to Lyons, the centre of French cuisine and a very interesting city.

Alternatively, take the train to Marseilles and explore the area of Languedoc and Provence. A trip to the Loire Valley will be memorable with many beautiful chateaux to visit and quality wine and food to sample. A less explored area for North American tourists in the Spring is the mountains to the southeast and the national park area. It is entirely different from the rest of France. Most North Americans go there in winter to ski but it is quite beautiful in the Spring and Summer.

I have listed only the major urban areas as points of departure, but with a bit of fine tuning as to your likes and dislikes, many Ziners will certainly wade in with suggested itineraries. Lucy in Toronto