Subject: Santa Monica Hotel Choices
Hello Ziners! I am making progress in planning our New Years trip to California to see the Rose Parade. We've decided on 2 nights in Laguna Beach, 2 nights in Santa Monica and 2 nights in Pasadena. I'm looking at Santa Monica hotels now and I'm trying to choose between a few. We typically try to keep our price at about $100 per night but that's not been easy to find in Santa Monica since we want to stay close to the beach & 3rd St. and we need a room with two double beds. Has anyone stayed at any of the following hotels...or are there any Santa Monica residents out there that could do some investigating?

The $189/ night category Best Western Ocean View - Ocean Ave., near the Pier, some rooms with balconies

The Georgian - Ocean Ave., no balconies, $20 per day to park (Ouch!)

Hotel Shangrila - Ocean Ave., I'm very interested in this one as it's a bit cheaper than the above two plus free breakfast and free parking. The pictures on the website though look like they were taken in 1979 so any current info would be appreciated.

The $85/ night category Bayside Hotel - Ocean Ave. (Again no good pictures on their website...hard to judge quality)

Santa Monica Beach Travelodge - Ocean Ave.

All info will be appreciated! Thanks in adavance, Jennie in Atlanta