Subject: Re: Santa Monica Hotel Choices
Hi, Jennie... when we went to Santa Monica, we stayed at the Comfort Inn at 2815 Santa Monica Boulevard, which was around $115, but it was a long walk to the was just a straight walk down the street, though. You could call the hotel and ask how far it is to the beach. According to the website, there's public transportation available. We didn't use it, though, as we had our car.

Best regards, Sandy in Illinois

From: Sandy Date: Mon Sep 15, 2003 4:46pm Subject: Re: Phoning Paris from U.S.

Hi, Andrew... I always have to look up the dialing instructions for phoning Paris, as I forget from year to year :-) According to Rick Steves, you're correct. You begin with 011-33-1, to call France from the U.S. You start with the international access code you're calling from.... that's 011 from America. Then, you dial France's country code... that's 33, then you drop the first 0 of the 10 digit number, and dial the remaining numbers.

To call the US from France, dial '00', then '1', plus the US area code followed by the basic phone number.

Hope that helps...

Best regards, Sandy in Illinois