Subject: Burlington, VT
Hi Ziners,

I'd like to share with you the wonderful time I had in Burlington, VT, the last ten days of August when I accompanied my husband on a business trip he had in the city. The only thing that concerned me was what I going to do for ten days on my own without a car. But I needn't have worried. Burlington is a wonderful city with plenty to do and has a terrific bus system.

One of the things the city is proud of is its dedication to fostering bicycle traffic. Since our hotel was near the University of VT and we had taken our road bikes with us, I just biked to the campus and from there hopped on the FREE College Street shuttle that took me right down to the Burlington Bike Path that runs along Lake Champlain. Both the shuttle and the regular city bus (price $1, 50 cents for seniors) run every half hour and both have racks on the front of the bus to hold two bikes. Since it was in the high 80's while we were there, I took along my bathing suit, towel, lunch, and a good book because once at the lake I was able to stop almost anywhere and take a swim. My favorite spot was the Cove right at the start of the trail, but there were also Leddy and North Beaches and numerous other spots in between that I could have chosen. All of these could also have been reached by car.

On the one rainy day we experienced I took the city bus to the Church Street Marketplace and had a wonderful time shopping in all the unusual boutiques and name department stores located there and in the adjacent Burlington Town Center. Church Street is great fun. The street is closed to traffic, so its many (and excellent) restaurants all offer open-air dining and the whole street has a festive atmosphere. For a relatively small city, I couldn't believe the number of top notch restaurants we had to choose from. My favorites were The Three Tomatoes, Trattoria Delia, Sweet Waters, and SmokeJacks, and away from downtown, the Windjammer and Paulines.

I was perfectly happy spending 10 days cycling, shopping, and swimming, but additional attractions in the area could have included the Shelburne Museum, Concerts at Battery Park, or a cruise on the lake, plus so many other nearby areas to visit. We have all these things in mind for another time, because we certainly hope to return again soon. And we'd also end our trip the way we did this time--taking our car on the Charlotte, VT, ferry over to New York State.

Gladys Buffalo (Where we're enjoying Bills fever)