Subject: Re: Two weeks in Provence
Hello Ziners,

I too have been researching a trip to France and have decided on Provence (with some helpful advice from a few people here). The area we plan to stay in is bounded by the Rhone on the west and St. Tropez on the east, Mediterranean on the south and Vaison-la-Romaine in the north. This seems like a manageable area for 14-17 days, and there is a wide variety of scenery, lovely towns, gardens, and history. We'd like to see some towns on the Mediterranean but don't plan to spend any time in the resort areas. The person who started the thread Two weeks in France might want to consider a holiday like this.

Now for my questions: We're thinking about late March-early April, or maybe a little later in April. Anyone been there at those times?

We're hoping to find a base for a week in a gite and then travelling around a little for the rest of the time, two or three nights in one place. Does anyone have suggestions about an area that would be good for a week? A B& B for a few days? If we have time we would like to take a 1-day side trip to Carcasonne too.

We will be renting a car, so getting around won't depend on trains and buses.

I'm so excited about what I have read in books about the area. I've signed up for Conversational French at night school and hope that my high school French comes back to me.

Regards, Nancy Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada