Subject: Czech Republic Report
Hey Ziners, In August I posted a request for info on traveling in the Czech Republic and got some good suggestions. We're back after nine days of touring. A few quick thoughts: -I loved the Jewish Museum in Prague, especially the Alt-Neu Synagogue and the legends of Rabbi Low. My favorite was the creation of the Golem to protect the Jewish Ghetto. Tolkien apparently borrowed the name and idea for the Hobbit. -Per Alex's suggestion we visited the Terezin Memorial (30 minutes from Prague). The art exhibit, in particular, was moving and powerful. -Prague was all it was said to be but jammed with crowds of tour groups. Touching base with the Kafka sites was my favorite. -Driving was doable but difficult on overly crowded highways. Favorite stop was Tabor, a medieval fortress built by followers of Jan Hus 500 years ago. The town is not a tourist trap and features underground tunnels used for defensive purposes. Cesky Krumlov is a tourist trap, but hard to pass up. Costs were low. We stayed at the Lida Guest House in Prague for about $55 per night. Very comfy. In sum, the Czech Republis is full of great history and is special because the Czechs value and preserve their history. Thanks for your help! Doug Boston